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Patsy Du Plessis
Alger Ave SE, US
After a hiatus of 20 + years we finally went back to Grand Rapids for a visit. We were introduced to Ken's and fell in love with the staff, products and prices. I will move back in a heartbeat just to shop there every week.
Cindy D
Griswold Ave SE, US
Returned to Michigan after 30+ years away with my husband in the military. Missed the family owned/run stores I grew up with on the eastern side of the state. So glad I found you. LOVE LOVE LOVE Kens!
Edward Cassis
Madison Ave SE, US
I would like to complement JASON. He was very friendly, helpful and Knowledgeable. Helping me find the products I needed. He is an asset to Ken’s Market.
Trina D
Edna ST SE, US
Shopping at Ken's at Eastern and Alger is like shopping at grocery stores I remember from my childhood. The fresh fruit and produce, the butcher shop, the staff.. all excellent.
laura palmer
Alger ST SE, US
I have been going to Plainfield Ken's for years for the quality and prices. Today I happened to be in the area of the Alger Heights Ken's and was blown away by the employees there!! So friendly and helpful, I am driving the few extra miles from now on.
Karen Murphy
Honeoye ST SW, US
Ken's is fresh, the meat is good and they carry a lot of different items. Produce and meat sales add up to a pretty good savings. The store is always clean. A good value for the most part. Home made meat products and deli items stack up quite well..
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